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Inline HTML elements

HTML defines a long list of available inline tags, a complete list of which can be found on the Mozilla Developer Network.

  • To bold text, use <strong>.
  • To italicize text, use <em>.
  • Abbreviations, like HTML should use <abbr>, with an optional title attribute for the full phrase.
  • Citations, like — Mark otto, should use <cite>.
  • Deleted text should use <del> and inserted text should use <ins>.
  • Superscript text uses <sup> and subscript text uses <sub>.

Most of these elements are styled by browsers with few modifications on our part.

Truncated Post Previews

Celeste also supports truncated post previews that are customizable on a per-post basis. This is a sample of how a truncated post looks like. Click on Read more to see the rest of the post!

More details on how to use truncated post previews are in the v1.4.0 release notes.